5 Ways to Protect Your House from Flooding

Protecting your home from flooding is your responsibility as a homeowner. Everyone knows how flooding causes damages, worth thousands of dollars every year. This is not something that you would want to happen in your house. As a result, you should take appropriate measures to protect your home from flooding.

Of course, there are several things you can do to ensure that your house is protected from flooding. However, we compiled five ways by which you can protect your home adequately. Read the tips below.

1. Install Water Backstop Valves

One of the ways to protect your house from flooding is by installing water backstop valves in your sewer lines. During a torrential downpour, the sewer line could be flooded and backflow into your house. To prevent the backflow of sewage into your house, install water backstop valves into your sewer lines. Therefore, your home will be protected from stormwater flooding.

2. Basement Waterproofing

Ensuring that your basement waterproofing is in perfect shape is crucial to protecting your house from flooding. Caulk cracks in your basement. Fill and close all gaps and holes and waterproof the basement. You should hire an experienced contractor for high-quality basement waterproofing to ensure that your home is free from possible flooding.

3. Change the Landscaping

It is crucial that you’re landscaping slopes away from your house to prevent water from collecting at the foundation of your home. You can re-structure your landscape such that it slopes away from your house. Besides, you can construct porous surfaces with pipes installed to channel stormwater runoff away from your home. This will ensure that your basement is not flooded. You can also increase the grade of the foundation of your house.

4. High-capacity Sump Pump

You need a high-capacity sump pump to handle a high volume of water that a flood causes. You must have a spare sump pump that can be powered by batteries in case there is a power outage during the heavy downpour that may cause a flood in your house. The sump pump will pump water out of your home.

5. Relocate Expensive Equipment

You must keep your valuable items safe from flooding. Move all major appliances to the second room or the attic for safekeeping if your region will, unavoidably, experience a flood.

Do not be negligent. Make an effort to protect your house from flooding by following the tips explained above. Basement waterproofing is essential; taking other precautions is also crucial to safeguard your home.

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