4 Signs You Need Leaking Drain Repair Service ASAP

Detecting leaking pipes could be a tricky task. Most often than not, this type of problem is not easy to locate or even notice. In residential homes, water leaks might be happening without your knowledge, and without Gold Coast water leak detector help, these little holes could generate gallons of problems.

To help you prevent such cases, here are a few signs of pipe leaks that call for immediate professional leaking drain repair service. Take a look:

  1. Stained or Damaged Walls

Have you been noticing some yellow stains on your walls lately? Watch out, for this might be a sign that you need instant leaking drain repair service. These marks, whether completely visible or faint, could signal that there is something going on behind the walls. Discoloration of walls is one of the clear symptoms of a water leak. Damaged or sagging walls, on the other hand, could indicate a swelling pool of liquid caused by pipe leaks.

  1. Mould Growth

Aside from stains and damages, mould growth is also a sign of a hidden leak. Since moulds grow in damp areas, this could indicate that there is enough moisture right between your walls caused by a broken drain pipe.

  1. Unusual Odour

Old water usually emits a musty smell. If you have been confronting unusual odour in your home lately, this could be a sign of a hidden water leak. To be safe, try cleaning your home and look for possible sources of the foul smell. If the odour remains, then it’s time to contact your local plumbers.

  1. Unusual Bills

Curious why your recent water bill is way beyond the normal range? A sudden increase in your water bill without possible reasons is one way to identify a broken pipe. If you have a hydro meter in your home, try checking if it ticks despite current use of water in the place. If it does, then call an expert immediately.

Nothing could be deadlier than an undetected enemy. When it comes to identifying leaking drain pipes, many things might be taken as obvious signs. If you have been encountering all those listed above, be sure to contact leak detection repairs on the Gold Coast right away.

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