2021’s Top 4 Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpeners in Australia

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If you need to take your knife sharpening to another level, you’ll need a sharpener that’s inclusive of various other tools to let you do just that. A hapstone pro knife sharpener contains other materials and sources that’ll enable you to sharpen knives in the quickest, yet, highest-quality means, in comparison to a regular knife sharpener. 

Hapstone pro knife sharpeners, though, come in different kinds. Before we end 2021, let’s recap and review the top 4 kinds of a hapstone pro knife sharpener for the past year, in accordance to the order of their review rankings, as published in a content from Romance University: 

Rank Number 1: Hapstone R2 Classic Knife Sharpener 

This variant of a hapstone sharpener contains a modular platform. This platform found in a hapstone pro knife sharpener lets users modify, transform, and change the knife sharpener into a different kind of model. The other features of this kind of hapstone knife sharpener are the following: 

  • Pivot unit that equips for fine tuning. 
  • Bears a linear ball. 
  • A complete 360 degrees rotative feature and a parking hood inclusive in the guide rod. 

Rank Number 2: Hapstone R2 Lite Knife Sharpener

This hapstone sharpener has an auto-adjustable universal stone holder that’s inclusive of a digital angle gauge holder. This knife sharpener is good for sharpening stones that are maximum 6 inches long, which includes Edge Pro format. The hapstone lite sharpener is used to sharpen knives that may be challenging to sharpen due to their texture and manufacture materials. 

Rank Number 3: 1 x6 Atoma Diamond 600 

This hapstone sharpener is good for use during the sharpening of 140 or 400 grits, to place the last touch of toothy edge on knives. The best knife sharpener from the hapstone variant utilizes an innovative technological tool made of diamonds that’s built to cut in a quicker pace. 

This hapstone sharpener is compatible for use with any kind of hapstone knives. 

Rank number 4: 1×6 Atoma Diamond 140 

This hapstone sharpener is good for use to repair, and to build an edge and bevel on knives. The bevel aids in quickly sharpening knives with little effort invested. What’s more, the bonus benefit of using this sharpener is that you won’t have to seek the help of a professional in repairing your knife, in case the latter malfunctions. Such a benefit is one of the sources in enabling you to save money on expert repairs. 

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